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Welcome to the website of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor (CAVR). Following the dissolution of CAVR in December 2005, the website is now maintained by the Post-CAVR Technical Secretariat

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Government funding for Post-CAVR Secretariat
Since its inception in 2007, the new Timor-Leste Government has provided two lots of budgetary assistance to the Post-CAVR Secretariat. As CAVR was funded wholly by international donors, this represents the first Timor-Leste government assistance to this work. Currently the Government is providing core funding for the Secretariat's running costs throughout 2008. The Government expects the Secretariat to complete its work in 2008.

Indonesian women's organization publishes part of Chega!
KomnasPerempuan, the Indonesian Government supported women's human rights commission, has published the chapter on sexual violence (7.7) from the CAVR Report, Chega! as one of its key document series. The 308 page book also contains the recommendations in the CAVR report designed to support the reforms necessary to avoid recurrence of the shocking violations recounted in the report.

Chega! Resource Kit
The Post-CAVR Secretariat has published a resource kit on the CAVR report Chega! The kit, in Indonesian and English, is sub-titled ‘Making the CAVR report work for non-violence and human rights' . It contains five separate action guides on how various sectors can assist to implement the CAVR recommendations. The five guides are directed to women, NGOs, teachers, religious bodies and the international community. The kit was produced with financial support from the Office of the President's reconciliation program and is introduced by President Ramos-Horta. (See website under Dissemination )

Indonesian edition of Chega!
Work on preparing the CAVR report Chega! for publication in book form in Indonesia is proceeding. Agustinho de Vasconselos, director of the Post-CAVR Secretariat, and Pat Walsh, senior advisor, are supporting an editing team based in Jakarta and spent some days with the principal editor working on the project in January. The 5-volume report will be published by KPG, a subsidiary of Gramedia, in 2008.

Death toll
A summary of the statistical findings in the CAVR report Chega! on the conflict-related death-toll in Timor-Leste 1974-1999 can be found on this website under Analyses of CAVR. The Secretariat has prepared this summary to make clear CAVR's findings on this controversial topic and to correct misreporting about CAVR's findings. In brief, CAVR engaged top statistical experts and collected new data, but was only able to establish in a scientifically-defensible matter the lowest possible number of conflict-related civilian deaths which it put at 102,800. CAVR did not estimate an upper limit though it speculated that this could have been as high as 183,000.

International Women's Day 2008
Women Members of the Timor-Leste Parliament used International Women's Day 2008 to draw attention to CAVR's publications on violence against women. Ms Endah Agustiana, gender advisor to the Parliament, collected from Post-CAVR copies of the Indonesian KomnasPerempuan publication of the sexual violence chapter in Chega (see above), Women and the Conflict (publication on the CAVR public hearing on women), the Chega! Executive Summary and Chega! Resource Kit. These were distributed in Parliament, including to district community leaders who

German and UNICEF assistance
The Government of Germany has provided project funding to the Post-CAVR Secretariat to enable it to complete the publication of its public hearing series and other programs this year. The funds will also enable the establishment a ‘Walk through Chega! Exhibition' at the Comarca memorial centre. UNICEF will fund the printing of the Tetum edition of the CAVR public hearing on Children and the Conflict and a second title The History of Timor-Leste through CAVR Posters.

The CAVR report recommends extensive memorialisation in Timor-Leste. To back up these recommendations, Jose Caetano and Pat Walsh have created a power point presentation to share ideas in Timor-Leste on how other post-conflict countries have remembered or memorialized their experiences and used memorials to advance human rights. The three case studies are: Ireland , Cambodia and Germany . The lecture has been presented twice in Dili. (See this website under Dissemination)

Photos of recent community activities at the Balide Comarca. (See Comarca)

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