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Welcome to the website of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor (CAVR). Following the dissolution of CAVR in December 2005, the website is now maintained by the Post-CAVR Technical Secretariat
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Message by Prime Minister Jose Ramos-Horta in support of CAVR and Chega!
November 2006

“The CAVR process was an extraordinary endeavour both in terms of workload, the magnitude of the task undertaken by the Commissioners, but also in terms of it's emotional impact on anyone who goes through that entire process that lasted several years or who dared to read the report and the conclusions and recommendations. It’s mind-boggling, heart-breaking, brings anger, tears to anyone who is familiar with the history of the 24 years of occupation.

The recommendations are far-reaching. Some are do-able by the government, others might not be within our possibilities to do it, but what I can say is that as Prime Minister of this country I will do my best to cooperate, to assist, to support first in the dissemination of the report so that it becomes a learning process for all of us so that we learn from the past, so that we don’t repeat the same errors that in part contributed to this tragedy, but also other more concrete recommendations contained in the report, recommendations the government as a whole, with the Parliament and others, we will endeavour to implement them.

We owe it to the people. We owe it to the victims. We owe it to the current generation and the future generation so that Timor-Leste can live in peace and in harmony”. This message was videotaped in three languages (English, Tetum and Portuguese) by Casa de Producao Audio-Visual, Taibesse, Dili on behalf of STP-CAVR for use in the international and domestic dissemination of Chega!


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